Chris’ Quick Thoughts Movie Review: Love, Simon

Chris’ Quick Thoughts Movie Review

Love, Simon

Rating: 10/10 (Excellent)
Recommendation: Blu-Ray It

This film does ask a very important question. Why do gays have to be the ones to come out? I’ll let you think on that for a minute.


The acting is phenomenal. Nick Robinson nails it out of the park as Simon. The story has solid pacing. It’s set for about 2 hours but it feels longer and fleshed out extremely well. The characters are all great and get enough screen time to really justify who they are and what their purpose is. The editing is great. The camera work is superb. And the biggest level of success is? How well gays are represented.

This is longer than how I want to write these reviews but some exceptions need to be made. In my opinion, I think this portrays what a gay man, kid, teen, may go through pretty well. No. Not every situation will be like this but there are certain questions and elements that are brought up that will really help someone who’s not ready to tell anyone about their self yet. Maybe this film will inspire them to come out. Maybe it won’t. But this movie should open the door for a new wave of films with gay characters, leads, and so on.


The family portion could’ve been talked about more. It focused on the friends side a little too much and also the parents were almost more than accepting that their child was gay and that doesn’t portray many families well. And some of the plot lines will feel a little forced.


Honestly, I could maybe sit here and try to find a few more flaws with this movie but I don’t think that’s necessary. The message of this film is powerful and it’s executed extremely well. Sure, it has a few weak moments but the good way outweighs the bad and this movie should be seen everyone! Okay, maybe not everyone but a majority would be nice.

Side note: If I’m wrong on anything I brought up about how the film handles gays, please tell me. The more I can learn, the better I can inform myself and those around me.


Chris’ Quick Thoughts Movie Review: Tomb Raider

Chris’ Quick Thoughts Movie Review

Tomb Raider

Rating: 5/10 (Average)
Recommendation: Redbox It


The action is shot well. You can feel the impact of the scenes as they unfold. Alicia Vikander is a decent lead. She carries the film decently enough. The first 30 minutes set up Lara’s character really well. You get a good feel of who she is and what her life/skills are like.


Plot moves way to fast from the second act on. Lara’s character gets pushed to mainly one liners and stops developing. The action scenes are almost nothing but coincidences. The music feels misplaced or way too loud in certain areas for no reason what so ever. And the main villain starts off interesting but becomes stale fairly quickly.


If you’re looking for a movie to just toss popcorn back and turn your brain off, this is it. Lara is a badass and does some really cool stuff but the story isn’t much to speak of and the characters just stop being interesting after awhile.

Honestly, this film should’ve came out during the summer. It would’ve suited the movie better.

Cayle’s Movie Review: “A Wrinkle in Time”


A Wrinkle in Time follows Meg Murry (Storm Reid) as she sets off on an adventure throughout the cosmos to rescue her father Alex (Chris Pine) with the help of three mysterious astral travelers (Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon, Mindy Kaling).


Storm Reid was great as the main character. She manages to carry the movie based on her performance alone. A Wrinkle in Time had an overall decent cast.

Not only that, the movie had some heartwarming scenes. The emotional scenes, especially the ones that involve Reid and Pine, felt genuine thanks to their performances.


The visual effects for A Wrinkle in Time were so atrocious, they make Black Panther’s visuals look like Blade Runner in comparison. The CGI for this movie felt rather unconvincing, especially the giant Oprah Winfrey (I wish I was making that up). I know that I’m supposed to suspend my disbelief when watching A Wrinkle in Time, but I couldn’t help but notice the obvious green screen effects.

It takes a while for the plot of A Wrinkle in Time to kick in. The movie’s pacing suffers because of this. Although the three actresses playing the three misses are fine, I felt their only purpose within this movie is to give exposition whenever it’s convenient for the plot. For a movie that deals with the topic of time travel, plot holes are inevitable.

The supporting characters for this movie weren’t that great either. The character of Calvin O’ Keefe (Levi Miller) has little to no development. He literally just shows up out of the blue without any pretext. As for Deric McCabe’s performance, I felt he was unconvincing in his portrayal of Charles Wallace Murry due to his young age. I get the fact that his character is supposed to be a child prodigy, but his dialogue felt unnatural.


Although I give this movie credit for being ambitious, A Wrinkle in Time is a mess in terms of both story and visual effects. Just like 2015’s Tomorrowland, I wish it had a better execution.

SCORE: 4/10

Chris’ Quick Thoughts Movie Review: A Wrinkle In Time

Chris’ Quick Thoughts Movie Review

A Wrinkle In Time

Rating: 4/10 (Sub Par)
Recommendation: Skip It


Storm Reid (Meg) is great here in this film. Hopefully she gets more roles. Some of the places visited are very intriguing and beautiful. And Deric McCabe (Charles Wallace) has a ton of fun on screen for his age.


The story jolts all over the place. Nothing is really explained. Actually, most of everything just seems rushed or a waste of time. Some of the acting is bad. Some of the CGI is bad. Movie feels longer than it should. And the three Miss’s are basically useless and sometimes unintentionally funny. Looking at you Oprah.


This film is forgettable. As I walked away from this movie, I had a hard time recalling what I just watched. Sure, Storm Reid is great and Deric McCabe is having a blast, but there’s not much else outside of that. There’s nothing that’s harmful or sends a “Bad message” but there’s not much of reason to ever revisit this film, let alone watch it in the first place.

Cayle’s Movie Review: Annihilation


After a mysterious comet had struck a lighthouse in the southern United States, a strange environmental anomaly known as the “Shimmer” had inflicted the area and is threatening to spread out to surrounding areas. As a result, the United States government sends out an expedition to explore the Shimmer.


Although Annihilation is based on a novel, it is one of the more refreshing films that Hollywood has to offer right now. This is only the second film that Alex Garland has directed after 2015’s Ex Machina. However, he already has the potential to be a great director.

Garland manages to combine the surreal yet beautiful flora and fauna of the Shimmer with an aura of menace. Thanks to the film’s atmosphere, there is a sense of impending doom lingering amongst its dreamy landscape. The musical score for this film fits very well with its atmosphere. Annihilation works best as a slow burn type of film as it keeps the audience on edge until its finale.

Just like Aliens and The Thing, Annihilation mixes science fiction and horror. Speaking of the latter, the film has some genuinely terrifying scenes. I won’t go into detail, but it involves some of the mutated animals of the Shimmer.

The film has a solid cast. It’s nice to see Natalie Portman in a great movie again. Jennifer Jason Leigh shines as the leader of the expedition. The other three characters of the expedition are also worth mentioning. The audience gets to see the characters bond over their unusual predicament.


A major problem with this film is its subplot. Just like 2016’s Arrival, it seems that they were going to do a flashback that involves Natalie Portman’s character. However, this subplot unfortunately goes nowhere. There is also a framing device that manages to spoil the outcome of the film. I honestly think that was a studio decision rather than the filmmaker’s intent. The film’s ending and unusual pacing might be divisive amongst audiences.

The Final Verdict

While Annihilation is getting a theatrical release in North America and China (mainly because they are huge movie-going markets), the film is only getting a straight-to-Netflix release everywhere else. It’s a crying shame that Paramount has no faith in this movie because it’s too “intellectual” and “complicated” in their words. While everyone is going crazy over movies like Black Panther, films like this one are going unnoticed by the general movie-going audience. Annihilation might be the antidote for the generic Hollywood blockbuster.

SCORE: 9/10

Cayle’s Movie Review: Game Night


Max (Jason Bateman) and Anne (Rachel McAdams) are a married couple that share a mutual love for competition as evidenced by their game nights. One night, Max’s more successful brother Brooks shows up in town and invites the couple and their friends to his own game night. However, things go out of hand very quickly.


Game Night is a movie that takes advantage of its absurd concept. If I had to compare it to another movie, it would be Clue (which is fitting considering its theme). Although a lot of the humor in this movie is rather hit and miss, the jokes that do land work because of the cast. Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams have a great comedic chemistry with each other. The supporting cast also has their moments as well. Jesse Plemons does have a memorable role as a creepy, spurned neighbor who is left out of the couple’s game night. I won’t spoil the movie, but it had a few too many twists in its third act. Overall, Game Night is a fun, harmless comedy.

SCORE: 6/10

Chris’Quick Thoughts Movie Review: Annihilation

Chris’ Quick Thoughts Movie Review


Rating: 9/10 (Great)
Recommendation: Pay The 8

A film I had no idea what it was going to be about and came out surprised with the results.


Natalie Portman is very good in this movie. Honestly, all of the actors are. The plot is very well fleshed out. The characters are engaging. And the story keeps you interested.


There are some spots where the pacing is either too fast or to slow, but there aren’t very many. And the ending might not feel very satisfying to some.


This is a better paced Arrival (2016). While it might not be totally fair to compare these two films they seem to fit under the same idea. Humanity vs. Aliens in an non violent matter…for the most part. Where Arrival was very slow at times, Annihilation keeps the pace going where you won’t want to fall asleep by the end of the 1st act and it’s the more engaging movie of the two. Honestly, Annihilation is the surprise film of the year, so far.