Movie Review: “The Secret Life of Pets”


The film has a charming nature thanks to its extensive cast which consists of the likes of Louis CK, Kevin Hart, Eric Stonestreet, Albert Brooks, and Jenny Slate amongst others. Each character has a charm to them but they aren’t really developed except for Max and Duke. Calling it “The Secret Life of Pets” and having the movie focus on two characters is sort of misleading but I digress. Most of the humor in this movie works thanks to the performance of its ensemble cast.

The film’s main problem is that it borrows heavily from “Toy Story”. While a lot of modern animated movies owe a huge debt to “Toy Story”, “The Secret Life of Pets” borrows many plot points of the former. For example, the protagonist was the favorite of the owner until the new guy take his place. At some point of the movie, both characters end up far from home and they have to put aside their differences in order to get back home.

Overall, “The Secret Life of Pets” is an inoffensive yet charming animated film.

SCORE: 3/5


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