Movie Review: “Split”

The concept of multiple personalities is considered an overrated movie trope due to its overuse as a cheap plot device. Thankfully, this isn’t the case thanks to James McAvoy’s performance. If he didn’t pull it off, the movie wouldn’t work as well. It’s also great seeing Anya Taylor-Joy again after her breakthrough performance in “The Witch”. For the other two teenage characters, however, I felt that they could be written out. Although I liked Betty Buckley’s performance, I felt that her character only existed for expositional purposes. If it weren’t for the ending, I would give this movie a 6 or a 7. However, I can’t cover this aspect of the movie without spoiling it. I might consider doing a spoiler review for this movie if there’s enough interest. Otherwise, it’s an 8 for me.

SCORE: 8/10


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