Movie Review: “Logan”

Although Hugh Jackman came from a musical theater background, it was the role of Wolverine/Logan in 2000’s “X-Men” that became his breakthrough performance. He gave the character the same amount of respect he would give any role. “Logan” is a fitting end to the titular character.

Patrick Stewart also returns as Charles Xavier for the final time. Like Hugh Jackman, he also plays a character who is a shell of his former self. This film solidifies the surrogate father-son relationship between Xavier and Logan.

Dafne Keen was surprisingly good for a child actor in her portrayal of Laura/X-23. I wish the relationship between her and Logan was more developed in this movie.

“Logan” feels like a modern-day Western than a generic superhero movie thanks to James Mangold’s direction. Stylistically, I would compare this movie to 1992’s “Unforgiven” due to its familiar themes of being past your prime.

The main issue I have with this film is its villain, Donald Pierce. Although Boyd Holbrook does a fine job with the role, I felt his character existed in this movie just to initiate a conflict.

If this movie and “Deadpool” doesn’t start a trend of adult-oriented superhero movies, something is very wrong with the world.

SCORE: 9/10


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