Movie Review: “Power Rangers”

Remember that cheesy show from the mid-90s that centered around a team of teenage superheroes? Apparently, they made a big-budgeted remake of that show. Hollywood is truly running out of good ideas…

“Power Rangers” was surprisingly good. The film’s strongest asset is its main cast and their background stories. The film’s first two acts are dedicated to the development of the main teenage characters. There was a great chemistry between the main teenage cast. The actors manage to give their respective characters the depth they needed.

The main problem with this movie are the conflicting tones. It seems that the film wants to re-capture the cheesy tone of the original show while simultaneously maintaining a more serious tone. Case in point, Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa. While I thought that she wasn’t bad, it seems she was channeling the Rita from the original Power Rangers. This was strange because the film had some genuine comedic moments peppered throughout the its duration.  I felt these elements distracted from the overall tone of the movie.

The supporting cast on the other hand felt like passengers in this movie. Zordon felt like less like a mentor character and more like an expositional machine. Remember that annoying Alpha-5 robot from the show? He’s just as annoying here!

On a side note, I thought the Krispy Kreme reference was clever. I won’t go into detail since it’s used as a plot point (I’m not even joking about that fact).

While it wasn’t the best movie of all time, it’s good for what it is considering its source material.

SCORE: 7/10


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