Chris’ Movie Review: “King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword”

Chris’ Movie Review

King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword

Rating: 3/10 (Bad)
Recommendation: Redbox It

Have you ever watched a film that was bad? But for all the right reasons?

King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword stars Charlie Hunnam (Arthur), Jude Law (Vortigern), Astrid Berges-Frisbey (The Mage), Djimon Hounsou (Bedivere), and Eric Bana (Uther).

Plot Summary

As a young boy, Arthur watched his mother and dad perish in a fight against his uncle. Arthur escapes to a village where he is raised in brothel. As he ages, he learns the tricks of the trade and becomes a loyal man.

One day, Arthur is captured and taken to the king. He is forced to try and remove a sword from stone. As he removes it, the king realizes it’s Arthur and he’s taken into custody. From there, he escapes, with some help, and he learns the truth about the sword and it’s powers.


King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword is one of those films that’s so bad, it’s good. The movie doesn’t take itself seriously, so why should you? And this is a nice change of pace for once. Unlike Kong: Skull Island. That film still bores me.

For starters, Arthur is an asshole. Well, not entirely. He’s only a douche when the script calls for it. But he’s one of those types where you can hate him, even though he’s a dick. He comes off harsh but he has “Bro charm.” I don’t know if that’s a thing but it’s a thing now.

Now the editing of this movie is just awful…but awful good. The film can’t seem to keep a straight line but yet that makes the journey even better. The movie will just jump around so much that you aren’t really sure what’s actually happening or going on but you can’t help but laugh. The absurd cuts and scene transitions are just hilarious to witness and you can’t get mad while viewing it. It’s just stupid and none of it makes any sense.

Another point to hit on is the first 5-10 minutes. Oh my God. This made me laugh the most. They tell Arthur’s “growing up” story like someone put the movie on fast forward. Scenes just fly by and randomly slow down in the most awkward spots. Again, none of the cuts make sense, but damn it, it’s hilarious.

Now, to give the film some credit, it actually does give Arthur’s back story. Something not all movies do and it’s very visual. It tells you everything you need to know…. It’s just rushed through. It’s like the director is saying “We need to make this film fit under a 2 hour runtime. Just fast forward through Arthur’s childhood. No one will really care about that anyways.”

Jude Law is alright in this movie. Actually, all of the actors aren’t too bad. Except for Astrid, she was just flat out awful. You can tell the cast was either having fun with their role or not really sure what to do on set. They seemed​ lost sometimes because they’d just stand around talking and then a bunch of jump cuts will happen and the dialogue will skew all over the place. It’s sort of like those sketch acts in “Whose Line Is It Anyways” where someone would do report in front of a green screen and the person doing the reporting wouldn’t know what’s on the green screen but they’re trying their best to give you details about what’s going.

If you followed that, or have seen the show, that’s basically the whole movie in a nutshell. It’s just a bunch of actors trying to preform in front of a green screen and they don’t know what’s actually happening.


King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword is a movie that Kong: Skull Island wasn’t. King Arthur is silly, stupid, and doesn’t make any sense. Kong tried to be that but none of the characters are really that memorable or likable.

The movie has some good action scenes. The cast is pretty likeable. And the laughs are great, even if they’re​ unintentional. But the accents are way too thick and the dialogue is just simple nonsense, the editing is just so bad, and the plot doesn’t really make any sense at all.

There’s really no reason to check this film out in theaters but if you’re bored and you’re tossing a few brews back, rent it. As long as you don’t take it seriously, you should get a few laughs in.

As usual, thanks for reading!


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