Chris’ Movie Review: “Snatched”

Chris’ Movie Review


Rating: 6/10 (Fine)
Recommendation: Redbox It

Trainwreck was a pretty funny film. Amy Schumer had an all star cast to work with and she delivered. Now, with a much more limited cast, could Amy pull off another gem?

Snatched stars Amy Schumer (Emily Middleton), Goldie Hawn (Linda Middleton), and Ike Barinholtz (Jeffrey).

Plot Summary

Emily is a deadbeat. She doesn’t care much for anyone else but herself. She lost her job and her boyfriend left her. Emily heads back home and decides to invite her mom to Ecuador with her. She couldn’t get a refund for her tickets anyways.

When they arrive, Linda just wants to stay at home and Emily seeks adventure. When Emily meets a man, they have a good time and she tells him that they will meet up the next day. On the following day, the man takes Emily and Linda on a tour and then they both get kidnapped.

Now the two must work together so they can escape the kidnappers and Amazon alive.


Snatched is one of those films where if you liked the trailer, you’ll probably like the movie. The previews tell you all you need to know about the film and the jokes are basically what you see while viewing the trailer. The movie doesn’t provide very many surprises outside of that.

For starters, Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer play off each other well. The two are “Mom and daughter” and, if you didn’t know they weren’t, you could honestly believe that they were in real life. Their chemistry is pretty tight and they play their roles exceptionally well. Too bad the comedy wasn’t on par with their relationship.

As I’ve harkened on in the past, comedy is very subjective. We all have our very personal taste in humor. With that being said, Snatched doesn’t provide top notch jokes, like Trainwreck did, for me. The film falls short with some very obvious humor and you can see a joke coming from miles ahead. It’s not too say there aren’t any good sketches throughout but, for the most, everything is very dull.

Another hit is the characters. Amy’s character grows way too late in the film. She doesn’t necessarily become a better person until the third act and, at that point, it’s just a cop out. The movie follows a very standard character progression and, while it could be hidden with good jokes, the film is hung out to dry as it suffers through it’s clichés.

Another negative is the gross out scene, without giving the main one away, there’s a scene that just feels way out of left field and thrown to get at least one laugh but it’s just sort of awful to watch. Again, it’s all subjective, but the scene just didn’t need to be there and the humor isn’t very good throughout it. Is it the only one? Yes, that I can recall at least, but it’s enough to stick with you bad or good.

Now a positive is the story’s pacing. The flow of the movie is actually pretty well done. A lot of scenes are very descriptive and the adventure really feels fleshed out. This is definitely one of the better aspects of the film and, if you do decide to check it out, it will keep you entertained, at least with it’s plot that is.


Snatched is one of those movies that can get you to laugh a few times and it will give you an enjoyable setting but the film will most likely be forgotten over time.

The jokes aren’t that great. The gross out scene didn’t need to be in the film. And the character development comes way too late and it’s not hidden behind good humor. But the story’s pacing is good, the flow of the film can be enticing, and the chemistry between Amy and Goldie is wonderful.

It’s not a movie to run out to the theaters to watch, hell I was the only one watching it, but if you see it lying around, it won’t hurt to watch at least once.

As usual, thanks for reading!


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