Cayle’s Movie Review: “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2”

The second Guardians of the Galaxy has a lot to live up to thanks to the sleeper hit status of its predecessor. Thankfully, it manages to do that thanks to its witty dialogue and great characters.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is funnier than its predecessor. The movie ups the ante with its comedic elements thanks to the comradery of the main cast, speaking of which…

The film’s strongest asset is its ensemble cast. The main characters have a great chemistry with each other. This is essential because the main theme of the film is family.

What drags this film down, however, are its many subplots. At one point in the movie, the main characters are split up for a decent amount of running time. However, the subplots are rather uneven. While we get to know more about the relationship between Peter Quill/Star-Lord and Yondu, the relationship between Gamora and her sister Nebula seems rather rushed. All we know from their scenes together is that Thanos was their adoptive father…and that’s pretty much it.

Although this film isn’t as fresh and groundbreaking as its predecessor, it’s still a pretty impressive film.

SCORE: 8/10


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