Chris’ Movie Review: “Alien: Covenant”

Chris’ Movie Review

Alien: Covenant

Rating: 4/10 (Sub Par)
Recommendation: Redbox It

A prequel that’s a sequel to a prequel? Yeah…. It’s confusing but does this film answer all the questions you had to Alien? I don’t know.

Alien: Covenant stars Katherine Waterston (Daniels), Danny McBride (Tennessee), Micheal Fassbender (David/Walter), and Billy Crudup (Oram).

Plot Summary

A crew of passengers are on a mission to seek out a new planet to start a new colonization. While the passengers are in their cryogenic sleep, the ship encounters a problem and they lose some key crew members and passengers. As they mourn, they come across a “Ghost signal” and decide to inspect it.

They arrive at a different planet than originally planned and explore it. In doing so, they come across something unexpected. Something menacing.

Now the crew is in a fight for their lives as they battle aliens and come across a familiar face.


Alien: Covenant is a movie that looked okay and came out just a little under average. This is a sequel to Prometheus and I’m not sure if it was needed. Some can say the same about Prometheus. But Prometheus excelled at searching for the unknown. Alien: Covenant doesn’t really do that.

For starters, the actors in Covenant are pretty good. Micheal Fassbender, Katherine Waterston, and Danny McBride lead the way in the cast and they really make up for the lack of action or mystery throughout this film. They provide interest and keep you invested throughout. Unfortunately, the rest of the movie fails to keep you motivated to keep watching the film.

The movie drags with a lot of it’s scenes. The runtime is 2 hours but it feels like 4. It’s not because the film needs constant action to keep it interesting but the mystery and explanations are either underwhelming or just hard to follow. When you finally get the answers you were waiting for, it’s just weak. Especially since you know what’s going to be said because of an earlier scene.

The reveal feels like it’s the main focal point of this film and it’s cover is blown with a previous scene. The audience is steps ahead of the crew by the time they learn the truth and it just becomes a waiting game to see how long the crew takes to learn of the truth. This takes away from the fun of the audience and the crew learning the answer at the same time and it just leaves you feeling stale and unemotional.

It’s just a shame that the reveal is underwhelming because the movie could’ve really excelled around this bit of information but it comes across as more of a let down than anything else.

The ending, you see it coming from miles away. I know it ties into the Alien franchise but for new audiences, this finale has no intrigue. The only thing it accomplishes is making you want to see Alien…. Mainly because it has to be more interesting than Covenant, right? (Quick secret, I haven’t watched Alien or Aliens. I’m bad at watching old movies for some reason.)

Now, there are some good action scenes in this movie. Watching the aliens come to life and attack the crew is exciting but these scenes are to far and in-between. If the mystery and dialogue was more interesting, then the film could get away with this but unfortunately, it just doesn’t execute in all of these places.


Alien: Covenant is an unnecessary prequel/sequel/prequel. If the movie followed Elizabeth Shaw from Prometheus, it would’ve been way better. Mainly because Elizabeth was the best character of these two films. Plus I really rooted for her. She was pretty cool.

The movie has a few good scenes. The action scenes aren’t too bad. And the acting is pretty solid. But the mystery is weak. The scenes drag on and on. And the reveal is just underwhelming.

This film is mainly for those who really need a sequel to Prometheus but since it doesn’t follow Shaw, I’m not sure who this movie’s target audience is.

As usual, thanks for reading!


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