Cayle’s Movie Review: “Baywatch”


NOTE:  I decided to do a written review due to a lack of free time this weekend. I hope you all enjoy!

Since Hollywood is currently out of original ideas and is turning to Buzzfeed 90s nostalgia lists for potential movie ideas, we have an official Baywatch movie. Yay…?

In city of Emerald Bay, FL, Mitch Buchannon (Dwayne Johnson) is the leader of a group of lifeguards known as “Baywatch”. The movie follows the team as they investigate a local drug ring on their beach.

The movies strongest asset are its two leads: DwayneThe RockJohnson and Zac Efron. Johnson is arguably the most likable actor working in Hollywood today besides Tom Hanks. Considering the fact that most of the movies sense of humor is rather hit and miss (I will touch upon this later in the review), Johnsons charisma is a much needed necessity. Johnson and Efron have a great chemistry with each other. The movie should have focused on their rivalry instead. Although Jon Bass did a fine job overall, his Ronnie character doesnt have a purpose within the movie besides being the comic relief. If you cut out all of his scenes, it would not affect the movie. The rest of the cast was forgettable including Priyanka Chopra (the actress who played Victoria Reed, the villain of the movie).

Baywatch is essentially a poor mans version of the recent 21 Jump Street reboot movies. Although this movie tried to capture the manic spirit of the latter, the results are rather mixed. As I have mentioned earlier in the review, the movies sense of humor is rather hit and miss. It seems that the film tries to be raunchy in order to appeal to the Hard R audience. However, the aforementioned raunchiness is favored over being clever in order to earn a profit.

Despite my grievances over the movie, its just plain dumb fun. Although it has the potential to be a much better movie (e.g. the 21 Jump Street movies), Baywatch is fine for what it is: a simple summer comedy.

Overall, this movie makes for a fine rental.

SCORE: 5/10


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