Chris’ Movie Review: Wonder Woman

Chris’ Movie Review

Wonder Woman

Rating: 8/10 (Good)

Recommendation: Pay The 8

Oh my God. Wonder Woman is such a bad ass. I never knew and now that I know, I feel so ashamed that I didn’t know. We need more movies of Wonder Woman. Or hell, let’s get a Super Girl movie out here. Let’s get these women more recognized.

Wonder Woman stars Gal Gadot (Diana/Wonder Woman), Chris Pine (Steve Trevor), and IMDB the rest because there are so many side characters.

Plot summary

Diana is a God. She just doesn’t know it yet. Growing up as a small child, she’s deterred from learning combat by her mom. Her mother wants Diana stay away from learning self defense but Diana persists and learns against her mother’s wishes.

One day, Diana is staring out into the sea when she sees a man crash land into water. Diana dives into the sea to save him and drags him up onto the shore. But along with saving this man, an enemy army of Germans comes into the Amazon territory.

From this moment on, Diana learns that there’s evil, death, and despair in the world and she wants to save the innocent from suffering and to bring peace back into this world.


Wonder Woman is a movie that I was hoping they wouldn’t screw up. Not because I’m very familiar with the character herself but because we needed a good DC film. There’s been so many bombs as of late that the DC universe virtually had nothing left to stand on other than The Dark Knight. And thank goodness they pulled through with Wonder Woman.

For starters, all the actors are tremendous. The cast plays well off each other and you just can’t help but enjoy each and every quirk they bring. Hell, even the villains are played well…even if they’re not the best written but the actors play their part well. But nothing compares to the chemistry of Gal and Chris.

Gal and Chris are at the top of their game here. They play off each extremely well. Their chemistry and love really hook you into this film and it makes you really care for the them on screen. And the best part, there isn’t a damsal in distress either.

Obviously, Chris Pine’s character is a mortal human but what makes his character work so well is that he doesn’t just sit back and let Wonder Woman do all the work. Chris’ character is involved with almost every scene. He jumps into battle just as much as Diana does and he always has her back. This, combined with his character’s personality, really makes a strong bond with the audience and Diana. And speaking of which.

Gal Gadot is fantastic. I think I heard that there was some backlash to Gal playing this part, but those haters can go watch another movie. Gal is Wonder Woman. Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve never really been invested with this character in the past but when you see Gal portray Diana, you just can’t see someone else doing it. She seems to hit all of the right notes with Diana’s energy, sense of wonderment, joy, curiosity, obliviousness, and so on. Maybe you can call me out and say that I don’t know enough about Wonder Woman to make this judgment but what can I say? Gal does a great job here. If she didn’t, I’d tell ya about it.

Another good aspect is some of the action scenes…not all of them are good though. I’ll touch on that in a minute but the ones that are good, are good. Some of the action scenes really show off how powerful Wonder Woman is and, to any new comers, this is great. When the camera work and special effects are on their game, Diana’s powers really come through and shine a light on how awesome she is as a hero.

Now, there are some missteps in this movie. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, some of the CGI and action scenes don’t always blend. There are quite a few blatant moments when Diana will be doing a super hero move and it’s greatly exposed to the weakness of the CGI mixing. Maybe they didn’t have the budget to really put in those finishing touches but those scenes are still there and they’re​ really noticable. Almost to the point where they’re distracting.

To keep on with the previous paragraph, some of the action sequences seem like a bit of a stretch. Again, the CGI doesn’t always help but the way the scene is setup really tests your limits on believability. Which, this just might be my personal experience but you might see it too.

There’s one scene in particular where Diana explodes through a room and there are a bunch of men standing around with guns. When Diana goes to attack these individuals, you notice that there’s a sense of lag. Yes, the action does get slowed down but there isn’t a lot of flow in how the hero is fighting against the enemy in this room. This occurs occasionally throughout the movie too. It’s not a huge problem but, again, it’s noticable.

Another hit is the villains. Which is odd because DC usually has great enemies but this time around, DC failed us as an audience. Now it’s not too say they were awful, but they’re just forgettable. They don’t really do a lot of talking or take very many actions. Hell, there’s three of them and one of them comes in as a twist villain. It’s just a shame that they didn’t take full advantage of these characters. The writers did so well with the heroes this time around that you wish the villains were just as good.

Lastly, Diana can get a little annoying. It’s not Gal’s fault for this but it’s Diana’s contestant persistence that if she kills this one man, every evil thing will stop. Which, yes, she was taught that from an early age, so she knows nothing else, but Steve tries to tell her a different perspective and Diana will have nothing to do with that. This is a very minor issue, because of she was raised, but it’s worth mentioning because some other people might feel the same way as well.


Wonder Woman is a movie that bases it’s strength off it’s main heroes and throws in some really good action scenes, when it’s not too busy worrying about budget cuts, to give it’s character the seal of approval of a “Bad Ass.”

The multiple villains aren’t very well written. The CGI can be really off at times. And Diana’s stubbornness can wain on you a tad. But the movie is shot well, there is humor and well written characters, And Chris Pine and Gal Gadot carry this film all the way to the finish line with how well they work off each other and how invested you will become with these two on screen.

I might be hyping this movie up a bit and I might be putting to much stock into how much I like the characters, that I’m over looking everything else but, damn it, DC gave us a good movie. After DC has shafted us film after film, it’s about time that we get to sit back and actually enjoy a good film, that isn’t perfect, but brings a lot of joy to it’s viewers, for once in a long time. And you may disagree but I had a blast watching this. Something I can’t say about Suicide Squad, Batman V. Superman, Man Of Steel, or others. The Dark Knight Rises I’m borderline on.

As usual, thanks for reading!


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