Cayle’s Movie Reviews: “Captain Underpants”

Believe it or not, Captain Underpants is a pretty good movie.

The film’s strongest asset is its humor. Yes, there is some toilet humor for the kiddies, but there is enough meta-humor for the adults. In addition to that, most of the film’s humor comes from its slapstick and its visual gags.

The movie has a solid voice cast. My main complaint with modern animated movies is that you hear whatever big-name celebrity the studio hired for the movie and not the character. Kevin Hart was surprisingly restrained in his performance as George. I was surprised to find out that the nerdy killjoy character was played by Jordan Peele of all people.

This film is essentially Deadpool for kids with its meta-humor. Although I would not place it among the better animated DreamWorks films such as How to Train Your Dragon and the second Kung Fu Panda, it’s good for what it is.

SCORE: 7/10


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