Chris’ Movie Review: Cars 3

Chris’ Movie Review

Cars 3

Rating: 6/10 (Fine)

Recommendation: Redbox It

The movie is better than Cars 2.

Cars 3 stars Owen Wilson (Lightning McQueen), Cristela Alonzo (Cruz Ramirez), Kerry Washington (Natalie Certain), Nathan Fillion (Sterling), and Armie Hammer (Jackson Storm).

Plot Summary

Lightning McQueen is aging in the racing world. He is falling behind the newer cars and after an awful accident, he’s not sure if he can ever comeback.

After some soul searching, he goes into training, determined to become number one for one last time. But there’s a twist to the story.


Cars 3 is a movie that surpasses Cars 2 in every way…. But it doesn’t compete with the first film all that much. While the original Cars had a basic setup, it had heart and a sense of openness and adventure. Cars 3, sort of has these qualities, but it’s missing some key elements.

For starters, the animation isn’t as crisp at the first trailer presented. When the teaser first dropped, the animation looked amazing. It was so life like and beautiful to look at. But the film doesn’t hold up to it’s initial introduction. Yes, it’s good animation but it’s not the prestine quality of the first ever look we got into this sequel.

The next issue is the story. While the elements are fine, the plot tends feel like it has no direction. It feels like the film wants to be 4 different movies at once, instead of just focusing on the one story they have in front of them. It’s not to say the movie is hard to follow but more along the lines of it didn’t know what it’s identity was.

The voice acting of this film is, alright. Owen Wilson does a great Lightning McQueen but he feels tired and worn out, which is proper for his role, but this allows for Cristela to be the shining light of the movie. And well….

If there’s one aspect of this film that may turn people away slightly, it’s Cruz Ramirez. She’s an enthusiastic car that’s always dreamed of racing. Her personality is bright, bubbly, and determined. But she can wain on you as a viewer. Much like Lightning in the first movie, Cruz can be similar in her presence. It’s not that she’s snobby but she is in your face every second she can get. You will not be able to avoid her. This could be a good or bad thing, depending on how you take her in as a character.

Another negative is the first half. It is painfully slow. The movie gives you your cameos of all the characters you remember and then it meamders around until the film finally realizes it’s time to start getting a move on and even after it starts to pick up, it feels like the film is dragging it’s feet to the finish line. Again, it’s nothing that’s bad but you will become bored because you’re waiting for that epic moment to arrive…. Which it kind of never does.

Without spoilers, the trailer promises a lot of changes. It comes off as a deep meaningful sequel that will change your outlook on the Cars franchise forever (at least that’s what I got from it). Well, it doesn’t fully deliver on it’s promise.

To put it lightly, the film doesn’t allow for certain elements to grow throughout the duration. And if it did, this movie could come off more like the first Cars. Now the the third act gives you some of that perspective but it doesn’t fully feel like it earned it, leaving the ending to feel hollow and unfulfilled. It’s just a let down after what all the trailers seemed to have promised us.


Cars 3 is a movie that didn’t live up to the trailers. There’s really nothing that’s bad about the movie but everything is more or less just mediocre, with a few good elements sprinkled in.

The animation isn’t as great as it could be, the story wanders off from time to time, and the first half is really tedious. But the voice acting is fine. The plot does pick up in the second half. And third act does conclude the film series, hopefully, nicely.
The movie just feels like a disappointment when it shouldn’t. If it focused more on certain aspects or changed the plot entirely, the film could’ve ended as the premiere highlight of the Cars franchise.

As usual, thanks for reading!


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