Cayle’s Movie Review: “Cars 3”

When it comes to modern-day animation, Pixar (and Disney to a certain extent) is the gold standard. On the other hand, the Cars franchise is another story. The second installment of the franchise signaled the start of Pixar’s creative slump that lasted until the 2015 release of Inside Out. How does this movie compare to the first two movies?

Well, for starters, this movie is a return to form for the franchise. While the story is basic, it’s still an effective one. The movie has an interesting premise about being past your prime. While the first act dealt with this premise, the other two acts felt like a Rocky movie. I felt this aspect of the movie could have been explored more thoroughly.

The supporting cast of this movie is rather and miss. Cruz Ramirez is the love-it or hate-it character of this movie. Some people will find her likable while others will find her annoying. However, she does go through a character arc of her own. Jackson Lightning, the antagonist of the movie, felt like a one-dimensional character.

While Cars 3 is an improvement over its predecessor, it’s not on par with the other Pixar movies. However, it’s fine for a Cars sequel.

SCORE: 6/10


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