Chris’ Movie Review: Baby Driver

Chris’ Movie Review

Baby Driver

Rating: 10/10 (Excellent)

Recommendation: Blu-Ray It

If you were wanting a review for last week’s releases, I’m sorry/not sorry. One, I would’ve went to “The Beguiled” but it wasn’t being shown near me at the time. Two, Transformers is garbage. After watching the first movie, I just refuse to watch any of the others.

I can say so much more but Micheal Bay is not the worst director…. He just chooses to film crap. 

With that being said, Baby Driver is a movie that I’ve been anticipating. So let’s get into the review.

Baby Driver stars Ansel Elgort (Baby), Kevin Spacey (Doc), Lily James (Deborah), John Hamm (Buddy), Jamie Foxx (Bats), and Eiza Gonzalez (Darling)

Plot Summary

Baby is a driver. He works for Doc in high profile robberies. In the past, Baby stole Doc’s car and, instead of putting Baby in jail, he took him in to work for his business.

One day, at a diner, Baby meets Deborah. She loves music just as much as him and they hit it off. Baby goes to Doc and says he’s only good for one more job. But, Doc has other plans for him.


Baby Driver is a movie that’s a rare entity. It has a good trailer and the movie backs up it’s preview with great action and a great story. This is something you rarely see these days. Most of the time, the trailer is good and the movie is bad or vice versa. It’s nice to see a film actually live up to is potential.

For starters, this movie oozes atmosphere. If you haven’t heard, the soundtrack to this film is a huge part of the movie. It intertwines with the film so well. Each song has a reason for being there and the movie has scenes and actions that coincide with each track. Now, I’m not saying other films don’t do a variation of this but Baby Driver is one where every song has some sort of purpose. Which is really cool, especially when most movies just use a song just because.

The opening to this movie phenomenal. The first few minutes are so gripping and intense that you won’t be able to keep your eyes off the screen. The action is so enthralling and beautiful to watch that you wish every director would take a lesson from this scene alone.

Along with that, the opening credits are done extremely well too. A lot of films don’t have opening credits anymore, which is fine because most of them aren’t done that well or are just boring, but Baby Driver keeps the credits interesting by putting little nuggets in to keep you occupied. I won’t give anything away but just watch them closely, they’re very creative in keeping your interest.

The characters are great. Each one has a quirk or something compelling to them. Are they all fully developed? No. But they are written to keep you interested in their actions and thoughts. None of them are unlikable, villains included, and you leave the film feeling satisfied with knowing each individual. Which is pretty rare as well.

The script is tight, fast, and well written. This movie goes. It’s rarely slows down but that’s okay. The film gets in quick paced dialogue that’s witty, funny, and, again, interesting. It’s not too say that every line is super awesome but more along the lines of how compelling it is. The dialogue might zip by but you’re intrigued with everything that’s said on screen.

The acting is great. Ansel really brings out a lot of emotion for very little dialogue. Jamie is on fire with his words and actions. John and Eiza have great chemistry on screen. And Lily is pretty solid as an love interest. Each actor brings out the best of each character and they do it with a ton of conviction and heart. You can really tell these actors liked working with each other. Or at least they pretended like they did.

The finale is great. There are so many twists and turns that you’re never sure which way the movie will go. And they’re not cop out or easy to predict twists. The twists make plot sense and nothing is so out of left field that it wouldn’t make any sense. The twists are there to keep the ending fresh and the story compelling.

If there’s one nit pick, the movie falls a little during the middle. After a glamorous opening, the film sort of stale mates during the second act. It’s not a boring act but it’s not as fast as the opening and the closing. The second act is still good but it’s just not as enticing as the first and third.


Baby Driver is a blast. This movie was definitely worth the wait and it’s one that can be seen a few times over because you may miss a moment or two due to it’s quick pace and fast dialogue.

The movie slows a bit in the second act. Lily James’ character is the weakest of the bunch (but not by a lot). And the dialogue can be a little too quick at times. But the soundtrack is amazing. The action is so enthralling to witness. And the first and third act are so good that anything that feels like a negative will be over shadowed by these two acts alone.

Baby Driver is the best movie of the year…so far. There have been other contenders but Baby Driver can appeal to a wide variety of people with ease and attract the less than average movie goer to come and buy a ticket. It’s just that great.

Oh and fuck Transformers.

As usual, thanks for reading!


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