Chris’ Movie Review: Despicable Me 3

Chris’ Movie Review

Despicable Me 3

Rating: 6/10 (Fine)

Recommendation: Redbox It

I don’t hate this series of movies. I honestly like the first film. The second, meh. When I heard they were doing a third movie, I thought “This is too much.” But after some thought, it made sense. Now it’s just a matter of whether or not this film is any good. (Short answer: “Eh.”)

Despicable Me 3 stars Steve Carell (Gru/Dru), Kristen Wiig (Lucy), and Trey Parker (Balthazar).

Plot Summary

After failing to capture 80’s Tv star Balthazar, Gru and Lucy get fired from work. Upon their firing, Gru finds out that he has a brother Dru. Gru goes to meet Dru where Dru attempts to bring Gru back into the villain world. Also, how do they Minions end up in jail?


Despicable Me 3 is a franchise that shouldn’t have 3 movies but it does. The first film is good. The second rushes way too many plot elements and certain stories aren’t developed like they should be. And the third…well.

For starters, Despicable Me has a good voice acting cast. Steve has really held the fort down in all three movies. Kristen has been a nice addition. And Trey Parker….

Let’s get this out of the way, if you like/watch South Park, you know that Trey is one of the creators of the show. You also know he voices a bunch of the characters in the show. So when Balthazar comes on screen, all you can think of is South Park. Is that a bad thing? No. But it is distracting. Especially since it feels like Trey had no creative control over his lines in the movie.

This may feel like a side rant, and it is to an extent, but Trey should’ve had some creative control over the script for his character (It’s possible that he did but it doesn’t feel like it). Trey could’ve brought another level to the character of Balthazar but unfortunately he starts to feel really flat about halfway through the movie. All the villains of this franchise actually do this but with Trey, you’d just expect better.

Another hit on this movie is the story arc. The first film had a charm to it. Gru learned how to become loving and caring towards his 3 girls. In the second movie, Gru fell in love with Lucy…and then that way disregarded like it never existed because Minions. And the third, he meets his brother? Yeah, it sort of just kills the mood.

I know I’m grouping the three movies together but each one is very similar. And what’s disappointing is that the creators didn’t learn from their mistakes/expand the story arcs. We do not get enough of Gru, Lucy, and their daughters. This is the core of the movie and each film goes further away from this premise. Which is sad because these characters are set up for major success but they kept doing the same formula over and over. What’s the formula, you ask? Well….

Each movie has a villain. Each film has a little bit of family. Each movie has more and more Minions. As the franchise progressed, the films would/will bring in more and more Minion appearances. Which, yes, they do get a laugh or two, but they’re not important. They aren’t the main character arcs. They are meant for a few jokes and to be pushed aside from there. But no, let’s keep pushing the Minions down your throat because you laughed at them the first time.

Look, if you enjoy their comedy, that’s fine. I did like some the jokes, but they aren’t the story. The plot is Gru and his family. That’s the story the Despicable Me franchise got away from. They left it to die, essentially, so they could show you the same movie over and over again. Which is just despicable. They have Gru, Lucy, and the girls. They are interesting enough on their own. Let them shine. Stop bringing in all of these side characters. Dru was never needed. Keep the villain if you want but focus the growth of the family first. Don’t exclude them because you can’t break the formula. Argh!

This is going to sound crazy, but I didn’t hate this movie. Everything in it is fine. I could give you the typical review, which I started out doing, but this needed to be talked about. I really believe the Despicable Me franchise could’ve been tremendous. Unfortunately, the creators didn’t think it was necessary to do that and we got the same movie again.

If we get a 4th, I hope they just focus on Gru and his family. That could be a great movie to end everything. But I’m guessing they won’t do that. End rant.


Other than that lengthy rant, Despicable Me 3 is fine. It progresses a little too fast but it’s just same movie as the first and second with a different villain. That’s really about it.

The characters don’t grow. The story is a rehash of the first. And Dru becomes grading over time. But the Minions do get a few good jokes. Balthazar does provide some entertainment. And Gru is still a good character to watch on screen.

If you liked the first two, then you’ll like this one. Does it fail in many aspects? Sure, but that’s more about my disappointment towards the movie than anything else.

As usual, thanks for reading!


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