Cayle’s Movie Review: Atomic Blonde

This movie has been getting a lot of buzz in the past few weeks due to its marketing campaign billing it as the next John Wick. Will Atomic Blonde live up to the hype?

Atomic Blonde follows MI6 agent Lorraine Broughton (Charlize Theron) as she retrieves a list of active agents before the collapse of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

The best thing about Atomic Blonde is its art direction. The movie manages to capture the neon feel of the eighties thanks to its visual direction and soundtrack. There are some great action scenes that are scattered throughout the movie’s runtime, including one that takes place during the film’s third act. This is no surprise since David Leitch also directed the first John Wick movie.

What keeps “Atomic Blonde” from being a good movie is the fact that it’s a generic Cold War spy thriller. The story felt rather routine and predictable. There were a few twists in the movie, but they felt unearned thanks to their gratuitousness. While Charlize Theron does a fine job portraying Lorraine Broughton, it was hard to be emotionally invested in her character due to a lack of development. I felt that the best performance in this movie belongs to James McAvoy.

Overall, Atomic Blonde is another case of style over substance.

SCORE: 5/10


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