Cayle’s Movie Review: Geostorm

While I was watching this movie, I kept thinking to myself that this is a poor man’s Roland Emmerich movie. I only found out later that the movie’s director, Dean Devlin, had produced three of Emmerich’s movies back in the 1990s including Independence Day. Then it hit me, this is a 1990s disaster movie without the charm.

This movie has a laundry list of things going against it. First, it’s a dumb disaster movie that takes itself way too seriously. The environmental message in this movie is so obvious, it makes Ferngully look like Princess Mononoke. Geostorm is so pretentious, it probably thinks it can change the world with its “message”. However, it can’t make back one-sixth of its budget as of this writing…

The movie also has a ridiculous premise. If you can control the weather, you’re practically God at that point. Most of the dialogue is just exposition disguising itself as techno-babble. The characters were not that better either. When the main villain of this movie reveals themselves, they manage to give the most generic reasons for their motives. While the audience would expect an effects-laden popcorn flick, they instead get a generic political thriller. Talk about a bait-and-switch…

I’ve been struggling to find something to praise about this movie. Surprisingly, there are few good things about Geostorm. Most of the cast gave decent performances. Ed Harris and Zazie Beetz were arguably the standouts in the ensemble cast. However, I did not buy Gerard Butler and Jim Sturgess as brothers. I know I must suspend my disbelief while watching these types of movies, but the 12-year age difference between the actors was quite noticeable.

Overall, I suppose Geostorm could be viewed as a “so bad, it’s good” movie. However, I would also imagine that you would have to be intoxicated to enjoy this movie.

SCORE: 3/10


Chris’ Movie Review: Geostorm

Chris’ Movie Review

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Rating: 3/10 (Bad)

Recommendation: Skip It

Geostorm stars Gerard Butler (Jake Lawson), Jim Sturgess (Max Lawson), Abbie Cornish (Sarah Wilson), and Alexandra Maria Lara (Ute Fassbinder).

Plot Summary

It’s the year, something, and nations came together to help stop mother nature from being mother nature. Jake, the man behind the project built the machine responsible for keeping Earth sane. But one day, the machine goes haywire and everything starts to go out of whack.


Geostorm is a movie that’s literally what the previews said it was going to be. “Stupid, action, fun.” Except, it only really hit one and a half of those marks.

For starters, the actors are okay. You can tell they aren’t giving this film their all but they’re having fun with the script. Gerard is the best of the bunch, hell it seems like he’s trying to hard in some instances, but he’s able to make his character likable and you start to root for him towards the end.

The script is corny. I swear, the writers looked up “Good one liners” on Google and made a movie out of that because every time you turn around there’s some cliche line about something. And it’s not even presented that well. It’s more or less just there because, I guess, the writers thought it was cool and hip. As opposed to annoying and irritating.

The action scenes are way too far and in-between. You’d think with a film with this absurd of an idea, which maybe it could work someday but I’m not betting on it, would just be all out crazy fun but instead it’s more serious made up science crap than needed. And it really drags the movie down as a whole.

When you have ideas like this, you need to just roll with it. And I guess the filmmakers thought this was a good time as any to try and make some things serious. I honestly don’t get it. We know the movie is dumb. Just show us the over the top scenes and get this over with.

Lastly, and oddly enough, the over the top scenes really aren’t that over the top. Sure some stuff explodes. There’s a flood. Some things instantly freeze. But there’s just nothing memorable. In a few weeks, this film will be looked back at and said “What happened in that movie again?” Because I surely won’t care to remember.


Geostorm is a film that someone ended up clapping in the end but I’m not sure if they were doing it ironically or not. If not, at least they have one person who’s going to buy this on DVD when it comes out.

The acting is so so. The action scenes are weak but there are a couple of good ones. And once in awhile there was a laugh be had. But the script is really stupid. There weren’t enough over the top scenes to make this movie at least fun. And it tries to be serious in the sense that “Here’s a bunch of science mumble jumble.” Which just doesn’t make any sense what so ever.

I’d say this film is a “Decent popcorn flick” but that’s a lie I can not tell.

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Chris’ Movie Review: Only The Brave

Chris’ Movie Review

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Only The Brave

Rating: 7/10 (Satisfying)

Recommendation: Pay The 8

Only The Brave stars Josh Brolin (Eric Marsh), Miles Teller (Brendon McDonough), Jennifer Connelly (Amanda Marsh), Jeff Bridges (Duane Steinbrink), James Badge Dale (Jesse Steed), and Taylor Kitsch (Chris MacKenzie).

Plot Summary

A group of men from Granite, AZ want to become Hot Shots. Simply the men in the front line of a forest fire. They’ve strived for years and they finally get their chance to prove themselves. But once they do, not only do things get hot with the fires, things heat up at home with their loved ones.


Only The Brave is another movie based on a true story this year that out performs American Made in many aspects. But there are some issues that are present throughout Only The Brave.

For starters, the acting is great. Each actor is able to leave some sort of mark with their character. The actors really do feel like they are serving the real life heroes well. Josh Brolin and Jennifer Connelly hit it out of the park especially. But the best amongst the cast is Miles Teller. Call me crazy, but this is Miles Teller’s best performance to date. And I know what you’re thinking “What about Whiplash?” Just hold on a second let me get into.

Okay, I’m getting into it. Miles plays the most relatable character that I’ve ever seen in his movie career. He’s able to make this person feel like someone we know. The problem with Whiplash is his character is distant. He’s never able to act it in a way to make that character feel relatable. Which is the point, I know, but great actors are able to make us connect with distant characters and Miles just couldn’t.

Now, I’m not taking away anything Miles has done in the past. He’s still really solid in Whiplash but Only The Brave is the best he’s ever done. Dare I say, Oscar nomination for Best Supporting? Maybe that’s a stretch but he deserves some serious consideration.

The cast of characters is large but they’re all likable. One of the hardest things to do is to make a group of characters likable, enduring, and relatable. Yes, these are based on real people, but the film goes out of its way to help develop more than just one or two individuals. It gives time to others and makes the cast feel like a family. Yes, people do get left aside but everyone gets a little bit of time in the sun and it’s enough to make us connect with them just a little bit.

Now, there are some negatives and one is the pacing of the story. There are moments when this film just drags on and on. The plot just feels misused a little to often as well. For instance, there’s a celebration scene that’s at least 5-7 minutes long. During that, nothing really happens that’s significant. And actually, this occurs a few too many times.

There are scenes that just don’t seem to have a reason to be there. They don’t necessarily advance any of the characters and it just feels thrown in to extend the run time. Now this isn’t to take away from the really good scenes but you have to point out that there are bad ones because you’ll comeback to be and ask “Why didn’t you tell us this movie had unimportant scenes?”

Lastly, this film doesn’t really have action. Also, it’s never really explained how the Hot Shots keep fires at bay. Now, we don’t need a huge exposition dump but having some sort of idea of how things work would be nice. And as for the limited action, the trailer is sort of deceptive in making you think there are more fire scenes than what’s shown throughout the movie. To be honest, I think there’s really 3-4 fire scenes and none of them really feel that important. The team seems way too stout so it takes away from any tension that should be created during these events.


Only The Brave is a decent telling of a “Based on a true story” movie. There are a lot of misses but there’s enough charm to make up for the mistakes.

The pacing is bad at times. The film has a lot of seemingly useless scenes that drag on and on. And the action is limited. But the acting is great. The crew is super likable. And this is possibly the best Miles Teller performance to date.

If you’re looking for something that’s not Geostorm (I’ll get to that in a bit), then this should suffice.

As usual, thanks for reading!

Chris’ Ranked Series: Marvel Cinematic Universe

Chris’ Ranked Series

Marvel Universe

I did it! I finally took the time to watch all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. Now, I’ve seen some of these films already but there were quite a few that I didn’t bother watching for the longest time and I finally took care of those.

Before I begin, I want to state that this is my list. I will not be giving scores because I actually didn’t hate any particular movie and the scores will just end up being in the way the in end. Also, there is a big portion of this list that will just be “Meh.” More or less that just means these films just sort of needed a placing. That’s what happens when you decide to rank every Marvel film available. But enough stalling. Let’s get into it.

16. The Incredible Hulk

If it’s not this one, it’s definitely the next one on this list that is the least liked film of the current Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). This movie is mainly a snooze fest. While the ending isn’t all that bad, the story and villain are just awful. On top of that, the main leads Edward and Liz are struggling to make things happen on screen. Though their chemistry does work. You do feel the romance between the two but it’s not enough to save this film from being at the bottom of the list.

15. Iron Man 2

I will talk about this with the other films and after the countdown but the Iron Man series is very “Meh” with me and Iron Man 2 did nothing to change my opinion. The movie drags it’s feet for a very long time until something happens and when something does occur, it’s basically irrelevant. The villain was obnoxious. The plot was there to fill up time. And Robert Downey Jr seemed bored.

The film could’ve helped itself out if the would’ve stuck with Ivan as the main villain but they wasted him every chance they got. Just a total waste of a film really.

14. The Avengers

This is going to sound strange… Maybe even Dr. Strange…. Yeah, not funny. But this movie didn’t really do anything for me. Sure, there’s a bunch of action but it’s all fan service. Thor fights Hulk. Hulk fights Black Widow. Iron Man and Captain America. And so on.

While there are some great action scenes the plot is crap. The storyline is just “Let’s assemble the Avengers finally” and other basic stuff that essentially happened in the last few movies. And while Loki isn’t a bad villain he’s more or less just there. Simply put, this movie is just here.

13. Iron Man

Is it wrong that I think this film is a product of it’s time? Let me explain.

At the time, when the movie came out, Marvel wasn’t looking the best. Sure, Spider-Man was a success but 3 hurt the franchise severly and the other Marvel films? Let’s just leave those alone. So when Iron Man came about, it was fresh. Light hearted. Quick, witty dialouge. And so on. It was something Marvel fans thrived for and at the time, this was the film that helped reversed Marvel’s streak of some hits and complete misses.

Now, looking back on this movie, it’s not that it’s dated necessarily, but more along the lines of it’s old in the MCU. There are way better films that came out down the line and while this movie was a “Pioneer,” it really just doesn’t do much for me a whole now. That and Tony Stark starts the wear me down after awhile.

12. Thor

I actually don’t mind Thor. I like his character, along with Loki’s, a lot. It’s the surrounding cast that really doesn’t do much for me.

Natalie Portman is fine but not used all that well. The old guy is just “Crazy old guy.” And Kat Dennings…. Okay, I don’t hate her in this film but I totally get why people don’t like her all that much.

My enjoyment comes from Thor and Loki. You can tell these two are having a ton of fun on screen and it really translates to the auideince.

11. Thor: The Dark World

This one is slighty better than the original and that’s mainly because Loki is so prominent throughout. Kat is more annoying this time around but you learn to ignore her and Natalie, come on man. She’s a genius, at least she’s supposed to be one, fucking write her character with more interesting stuff than “I’m going to say science stuff to sound really smart and then basically get pushed aside while Thor does his thing.” The other female leads in these movies generally have something to do, other than Liz, why not take advantage of Natalie’s character? Come on guys. Not cool.

10. The Avengers: Age Of Ultron

So this has the better villain than the first one. That and the script is better in my opinion. Instead of the whole fan service deal, there’s more focus on bettering the group and working as a team. Which is so much more interesting to watch…. Even if it’s not executed the best but it’s still better than the first entry of this series.

9. Captain America: Civil War

Did you like watching the Avengers fight each other? You do?! You’re in luck because that’s this whole movie in a nutshell.
Look, there’s some story line about this villain and Iron Man vs. Bucky and some other shit but that’s not why you’re really here. You’re here to see our super heros fight.

Honestly, this film is really good but it’s one of those that once you’ve seen it once, you don’t really need to watch it again. It’s more or less filler. Good filler but nothing more than that.

8. Dr. Strange

If the villain was any good what so ever, this movie could move up the list but as of right now, 8 seems fitting.

Benedict Cumberbatch is great in this film, the CGI is top notch, and the story is really solid. But we’ve seen this arc before. It’s basically Iron Man but more arrogant. If you could believe that. Still really good but definitely not one I look forward to watching over and over.

7. Iron Man 3

Best villain in all of the Iron Man series. Not like that was really hard to beat though.
This Iron Man has some snooze moments but it’s mainly just fun. You get to see Gwyneth kick some ass. Iron Man is in a good mood. And the action is fun. The ending really helps make this film come alive too. The only reason it’s not higher is because of the boring moments and when they hit, they hit hard.

6. Captain America: Winter Solider

Captain America has a good storyline to it (Other than Civil War). And Winter Soldier really adds to Chris Evan’s character.
There is some good depth here and the action is great. Watching Black Widow and Captain America work together/grow in friendship is ton of fun and the plot is really engaging. Other than that, it’s just a solid movie all around. Can’t really complain.

5. Captain America: The First Avenger

I feel this is the best of the Captain America series because of one thing. Agent Carter…. Okay, not just because of her but she has a part in it.

Captain America is just a good triumphant story about a man who wants to do good for others but is too small to do anything. Once he gains his super power, you just start rooting for him on the spot. You want him to succeed at everything because it’s fucking America damn it and fuck them Nazis. America out!

Oh and Agent Carter, possibly the best female lead? I’ll get there in a second.

4. Ant-Man

Surprised? Me too.

To be honest, this a just good story of a man down on his luck. Sure, he put himself there but he’s doing what he can to get back on top. Paul Rudd is excellent in this role and other than the villain being the weakest part, the movie really grabs me. I don’t know whether it’s the action or the comedy or the friendships built but this film really took ahold of me the first time I saw and that feeling didn’t leave upon the second viewing either.

3. Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man is my favorite super hero. So judge me if you must.

I don’t read the comics but judging by all of the Spider-Man movies I’ve seen, Tom Holland is the best version by far. The villain, Micheal Keaton, is actually fantastic. And this film really did a great job of sort of reintroducing Spider-Man but also realizing we’ve all seen this reboot done before.
This movie really hit home for me and I can’t give anything lower than a 3 on this list.

2. Guardians Of The Galaxy 2

Did you see this coming any? I know I didn’t at first.

I’ll dive a little more into it in a second but this movie is good. I reviewed when it came out and I didn’t give it the best score. It was the second time through that it all really made sense to me. I made an error that day for sure.

I still stand behind my original thoughts on parts of the film but what I missed was the friendship and teamwork that was built on screen and towards us, the audience.

When it comes to Marvel movies, this one really ranks high amongst them. It’s possible that I’m overrating this film a ton but it really tugged at my heart strings in the right moments and I just can’t let that go of that feeling I get when I see these guys on screen.

1. Guardians Of The Galaxy

This was a surprise hit when it came out and it’s stuck with me ever since.

First, villain sucks. I know. Done. Second, I love this movie and I would watch it the most times out of all these films. Because that’s what you’re really doing when you make one of these lists. You’re asking yourself “What movie would I watch over and over again?” And for me, it’s this one.

I will admit, it’s probably not perfect. Or tightly written. Or whatever garbage you want to say about it. But it’s just fun from start to end. The characters are loveable. The acting is really good. And the action is great. Sure, it has it’s flaws but it always grabs at my heart for some reason. The emotional moments really hit home and that really makes the film connect with me as a whole.
Guardians Of The Galaxy is just film that will never leave my mind and I’m so glad I saw it.

Best Female Leads

A lot of these movies have female leads that are sort of/are romantic leads. So I thought it would be fun to rank them accordingly. This list is based on how useful they are in the fighting or how useful they are on the sidelines. Because love can used for more than war.

Liz Taylor (Betty Ross)

If there’s one thing you can’t take away from Betty is that she does love Bruce. Thing is, she gets more shafted than Jane (Thor) does. Betty is more or less just there to hold Bruce, and while that’s fine, they don’t give her anything  to do and that’s just really sad. Potential wasted.

Natalie Portman (Jane Foster)

Same problem as Betty but she does get to do a little more in these films. Not much but it’s at least something.

Rachel McAdams (Christine Palmer)

The thing here is Christine hasn’t had her chance to really shine yet. She’s a doctor so she does have a great chance to contribute. The one thing she is really able to contribute is her love and affection towards Dr. Strange. Well, maybe she’s not totally in love with him anymore but you can tell she has great deal of well being towards him and he can really use that from time to time.

Evangeline Lilly (Hope Van Dyne)

Playing off of Paul Rudd, Hope gets to have a lot fun in her role. Unfortunately she gets the same treatment as Christine. But Hope will be heavily apart of the next Ant-Man film so that should help a ton.

Hayley Atwell (Agent Carter)

Now, in the movie she’s a bit under used but she does have her own TV show. I never got around to viewing it but if you have your own show you’re already better than the other four by default. Also, she’s just badass in the short few moments she has on screen.

Zoe Saldana (Gamora)

One green girl I’d never fuck with. She’s brutal, strong and holds her own just fine. Her romance with Star-Lord is a bit weak but her skills are tremendous on their own.

Scarlett Johansen (Black Widow)

So she should get the top spot, right? Well she’s missing one thing and that’s the love aspect. While she can kick anyone’s ass on this list with ease, she just doesn’t have great chemistry with her partner Bruce. Black Widow is best left alone. Unless you really think this Bruce thing needs to go somewhere, then by all means, go ahead.

Gwyneth Paltrow (Pepper Pots)

Maybe Pepper can’t kick ass consistently but oh my God does she do everything for Tony and then some. She runs his company. She deals with his arrogance. Hell, at one point, she has a power to melt things and she totally attacks the villain in Iron Man 3. She does everything. Pepper really is a role model and should be looked up to as strong influence amongst, not just girls, but everyone in general. Now if she was a trained soldier, she’d probably be unbeatable.

If I left some women off, I apologize. I was mainly only targeting the main female leads in these films. Like Mary Jane hasn’t really come into the picture yet for Spider-Man so I can’t really count her but I’m sure I’ll revise this list someday. Not soon. But someday.

Best Actor For The Role
This is going to be short. These are the actors that have done the role perfectly and you can’t seen anyone else doing them. Now what qualifies as “Perfect” varies from person to person but, at this moment, I can’t see anyone else replacing these people.

3. Tom Holland (Spider-Man)

As of right now, no one can replace the best Spider-Man in the business. But can there be problems down the line? Sure. Tom may not be able to do grown up Spider-Man but I think he deserves all the chances he can get until he proves otherwise.

2. Tom Hiddleston (Loki)

I really don’t think anyone else can step in and take over this role. It’s hard to imagine anyone else grasping the fun, decieving, role of Loki. I’m sure there might be “One person” but you go ahead and try to name them. I dare ya.

1. Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man)

Look, he’s the man that started it all and he’s the man that should finish it all. Robert is just Iron Man. Even when he plays a different role in a movie you just look and say “There’s Tony Stark.” He can never escape it and I don’t think he necessarily wants too. Robert as Iron Man forever.

I’m sure there are other roles that can’t be filled by other actors but you can name them down below. I’d love to see them.

Best Series

This is the final section. Here I’m ranking each super hero with more than one film to their name. And while there are sequels to be made still, I’m just going by what’s out there now.

Iron Man

Sadly, I just didn’t get into this franchise. As you can tell by my rankings, none of the films are that high to begin with. Tony Stark just isn’t my favorite character of the bunch and he just doesn’t click with me as a whole. Add in the slower moments of these films and you’ve got the “Worst” series of all the Marvel movies at the bottom of the list. (Even though two of the three films really aren’t that bad).

The Avengers

I’m going to go ahead and count these because there are way more to come and it does contain super heroes.

The movies just don’t do a whole lot for me. There are a lot of fun parts to them but the substance is so so. If these were never made, I don’t think I’d mind it. And while this series is going to get better, it just has too, it’s just not the greatest as of right now.


Thor and Loki make this franchise for me. And early reports are saying Ragnarok will be good.

Even though there’s a lot you can complain about, I just like Thor and Loki. You never know what Loki is going to do next and Thor is charismatic. These two are a ton of fun to watch on screen and I can’t wait to see more.

Captain America

This may have the best overall story of the current series available, but Civil War is what makes this come in at second.
The first film is really good. Possibly the best of the whole first phase. The second is just as good, some even think better, than the first. And third, eh. It’s fun but it just seems to be there for no reason other than to create “Controversy.”

It’s a solid series, but it can’t beat the next one on the list.

Guardians Of The Galaxy

Well, if they’re 1, 2 on my overall list, how can’t I think they’re the best series?

Look, these movies give you everything. Great comedy, good friendship, a lack of other Avengers, a decent villain (Second one), and one hell of a ride at the theater.
These films are awesome. Now I just hope they don’t mess this up. Because they probably will. But I hope not.

And that concludes my rankings. I could do villains but really it comes down to Vulture (Micheal Keaton, Spider-man) as the best evil guy. He’s relatable and Micheal just knocks it out of the park with his acting. Sure, there are others that aren’t awful but they’re more or less forgettable and not really worth the time to rank them.

If you think my list is wrong, go ahead and complain in the comment section below. I’ve got time to rebuttal your argument just to prove that you’re wrong. (Okay, no one is wrong. Unless you put The Incredible Hulk first. Then you’re just out of line).

As usual, thanks for reading!

Cayle’s Movie Review: Blade Runner 2049

When Blade Runner was originally released in 1982, it was a commercial disappointment. Over the next three decades, however, not only has the film gained a cult following, it managed to influence other films such as Ghost in the Shell. Its sequel, Blade Runner 2049, has been one of the most anticipated films of 2017. Will it live up to the hype?

Taking place thirty years after the events of the original film, “K” (Ryan Gosling) is a replicant who hunts other replicants as a blade runner. However, he gets recurring memories of himself as a child despite the being the new model of replicant. The film follows his efforts to find the child in question.

Over the past few years, Denis Villeneuve has been building up an impressive resume that all culminated with the Oscar-nominated Arrival. In my opinion, Blade Runner 2049 might be the best film he has done to date. He manages to capture the proto-cyberpunk feel of the original film and give it a modern-day update.

Another great aspect of the film is its cinematography and its production design. The cinematography of this film is both breath-taking and atmospheric thanks to Roger Deakins. If this man does not win the Oscar for Best Cinematography, it would be the crime of the century. The production design manages to pay homage to the iconic visuals of the original while adding its own flair. My only critique of this film is the scenery porn that does not add anything to the movie. They may look great for the trailer, but it adds nothing to the film.

This film has a spectacular cast. Ryan Gosling does a fine job playing “K”. However, a special mention must go to Harrison Ford. His reprisal of the character Deckard is his best role in recent memory. It’s amazing how can be a great actor when he’s not phoning it in. The rest of the supporting cast does a fine job in the film, (including Bautista of all people). Even Jared Leto, who may be the weak link of the cast, managed to do a solid job in this film.

This may or may not be a controversial opinion, but I will say it anyway: Blade Runner 2049 joins various movies such as The Empire Strikes Back, The Dark Knight, and Aliens as one of the best sequels of all time. In a time where unoriginal studio executives are cashing in on nostalgic audience members, this film manages to do something where the other remakes/reboots/unnecessary sequels fail to do: it manages to continue the story of the original film. Villeneuve truly understands the intent of the original film. The original Blade Runner presented some existential questions about our humanity. 2049 expands on those questions by exploring them further. However, the film does not give a simple “yes or no” answer to those questions but rather leaves them open-ended as it should.

Overall, Blade Runner 2049 is a worthy sequel to the original film.

SCORE: 10/10

Cayle’s Movie Review: American Made

Edge of Tomorrow was one of my personal favorite films of 2014. It was a refreshing take on the time loop narrative. When I heard that director Doug Liman and Tom Cruise were collaborating on another movie, I had to check this movie out.

Tom Cruise was easily the best part about this movie. He easily carries the movie as Barry Seal, a former TWA pilot who becomes a drug runner for the Medillin Cartel and later an informant for the CIA. He has enough charisma to convincingly pull off playing a real-life maverick like Seal.  Domhnall Gleeson is also fine as Seal’s main contact in the CIA.

While it is great to have some comedic scenes peppered out throughout the entire duration of the movie to ease the dramatic tension, American Made consists of nothing but comedic scenes. As a result, the movie has some tonal conflicts. We never get to see Seal or his family in any real danger because of this. However, I will not go further into this aspect of the movie because it contains spoilers.

Overall, American Made is a frenetic action-comedy that manages to be quite fun. If you’re looking for a historically accurate movie, American Made isn’t for you. If you’re looking for a fun action movie, this movie is right up your alley. Although it’s not as good as Edge of Tomorrow, it’s fine for what it is.

SCORE: 7/10

Chris’ Movie Review: Blade Runner 2049

Chris’ Movie Review

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Blade Runner 2049

Rating: 6/10 (Fine)

Recommendation: Redbox It

My “Plot Summary” is going to be off track to those who have seen this movie already. To be honest, it’s really hard to describe this film but I did my best.

Also, I’ve never seen the first Blade Runner. So take what you will from that.

Blade Runner 2049 stars Ryan Gosling (Officer K), Harrison Ford (Rick Deckard), Ana De Armis (Joi), Robin Wright (LT. Joshi), Sylvia Hoeks (Luv), and Jared Leto (Niander Wallace).

Plot Summary

The year is 2049. Officer K is a Blade Runner in that he kills older models of his own kind. But Officer K keeps having this recurring memory that he was a child and he begins to search for the truth behind this memory.


Blade Runner 2049 is a movie that basically has two scores for me. The first half is a 3-4 and the second is a 6-7. This is one of those rare instances where the ending hour or so really made up for the rest of the film. And I’ll try to explain it down below.

For starters, the movie is painfully, painfully slow. There is a lot of “Nothing” that happens for a very long time. That isn’t to say that there isn’t anything going on but it feels like the film is dragging on purpose. There are a ton of visuals to look at but there is hardly any substance of note other than a “Fake out” in the plot which almost renders the motivation of the story pointless for the main character.

The Ryan Gosling’s character is sort of a snooze. Officer K is the main protagonist throughout but he doesn’t provide a lot of emotion. Which yes, he is an Android of sorts, but there’s nothing for us to do with this character. Eventally he does become more emotional to situations but in the beginning, he struggles to connect with the audience in any sort of a way. (Unless he did with you, then by all means, take what you will).

The dialogue is very light in the first hour and half or so. Going back to the first paragraph, the conversations don’t really add up to more than “Go here. Did he do this? Investigate that.” And so on. Other than a meaningful conversation every 15 minutes or so, there just isn’t anything grab ahold of and take to heart… But then the final hour comes and everything completely changes.

Once Ryan meets Harrison, it’s a totally different film. The action picks up. The dialogue is intriguing. The characters have meaning. The visuals are enhanced. It’s just a completely different movie.

The acting in this section is upped a few levels too. Everyone starts to put in a ton more effort and emotion to help us connect with the characters on screen. The film becomes more of a joy to watch rather a slug fest of “I can’t wait to go do something else.”

Now the best part of all of this is the plot becomes a ton of fun. It takes everything from the first half that you know and throws it out the window to provide twists and turns that intrigue you. You actually start to wake up from your sort of nap to see what’s going to happen next. It’s just a totally different movie. I can’t explain it any other way.

Lastly, if I seem vague on the “Good parts” it’s because I don’t know how to describe it. I’m an average person and when it comes to deeper meaning films, I tend to struggle on what to say. I don’t generally analyze the message behind the story. Mainly because I don’t think that deeply about the plot at I’m viewing it. So yes, the good stuff is vague but if you’ve followed up to this point, you know I’m not that great at reviewing to begin with. That’s why it’s called Brotherhood Of Okay Reviews.


Blade Runner 2049 is a movie that I don’t think I ever want to watch again. The first half is too slow to actually warrant a second viewing. But, then again, the second is so good. I’m really torn.

The film dies in the first half. The characters aren’t interesting from the start. And the plot/dialogue is almost meaningless after the second half begins. But the second part is completely different. The acting gets turned up a notch. And the twist and turns are fun to experience.

I’ll finally make a decision, no I would not watch this movie again any time soon. Maybe I would take a look a few years down the line though…. Maybe.

As usual, thanks for reading!