Chris’ Movie Review: The Disaster Artist

Chris’ Movie Review

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The Disaster Artist

Rating: 10/10 (Excellent)

Recommendation: Blu-Ray It

I’ve been waiting for this movie too come out for awhile and now that it has, it’s in contention for the best movie of the year…. At least until I see Star Wars!

The Disaster Artist stars James Franco (Tommy), Dave Franco (Greg), Seth Rogen (Sandy).

Plot Summary

Greg is a fashion model who’s looking to crack into the industry of acting. While in class one day, a man named Tommy goes up on stage to do a scene and just does it terribly…but he does it with such confidence that Greg admires him greatly.

After the “Performance” Greg meets up with Tommy to talk to him. Eventally they start to become friends and, well, you know the rest of the story from there (If not, you can see this movie to know the rest then).


I normally don’t say this about comedies but this film is flat out hilarious and I think everyone should give it a try…but there’s a catch. I’ll explain it below.

For starters, the acting is tremedous. James Franco completely immersed himself into the real life person of Tommy Wiseau. You can’t even tell it’s an actor playing a part. You actually believe it’s Tommy on screen. Dave Franco is amazing as well. Coming in, knowing that these two are brothers, I was worried they would just have that “Brother chemistry” but no. They totally overlook all of that and play their roles perfectly. That alone blew me away.

A great aspect is really the comedy. A lot of it comes because of how unusual Tommy is as a real life person but everything is just timed so perfectly. Each scene knows how to transition from a funny moment to a serious moment back to a funny moment with ease. It’s able to keep this stride going all the way till the end which is extremely hard to do sometimes especially after you start to see things fall apart. But again, a lot of it relies on Tommy Wiseau being a strange person. So take that as you will.

Another tremedous part is the pacing of this film. Every scene feels like it has enough time to develop. Every character, that’s important, gets enough screen time. There’s no jerky motions. No awkward transitions. It’s just an evenly flow feeling movie…. Okay, there are a few moments here and there with some minor issues, but honestly, you really don’t notice them.

Okay, here are the only two complaints I have. One is the “Darker” moments of the movie. Look, the film touches base on this a little but Tommy wasn’t all fun and games. He could be a straight up asshole to his crew. And while they show those moments here and there, it just feels like they don’t touch on them enough.

And lastly, if you haven’t seen or know anything about the story behind the movie The Room, then you might not like this film nearly as much. Look, I hate to say that this movie is a “Fan Club” film but it sort of is. I personally think anyone can watch this and like it, but you may not enjoy it as much if you don’t know the background. My suggestion, just look up reviews of The Room, or watch the movie itself. That should be enough to get you into the spirit of watching this fantastic film, The Disaster Artist. (Also, The Room is fantastic in its own rights).


The Disaster Artist was everything I heard about and then some. It honestly blew me away with how well it was made and how well they were able to bring out the best/worst of Tommy Wiseau.

The “Darker” moments weren’t fully expanded upon. You might not laugh as much as the person next to you. And you might need to know some of the background of The Room in order to fully enjoy this film. But the comedy is fantastic. The pacing and scene delivery are executed almost perfectly. And the acting is so good that both James and Dave Franco better be nominated at the Oscar’s.

Is this an Oscar film? I don’t know. They can be really weird about what qualifies. In my opinion, this should be nominated. It may not win but it should get the recognition it deserves.

As usual, thanks for reading!


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