Chris’ Quick Thoughts Movie Review: Ready Player One

Chris’ Quick Thoughts Movie Review

Ready Player One

Rating: 7/10 (Satisfying)
Recommendation: Pay The 8


The virtual world is amazing. Almost all of the scenes in it are engaging and intriguing. (Especially that opening race scene. Oh that’s so good!)The action is done very well done (Even with the gratuitous amounts of CGI). The story, when not interrupted by real life, is fun and endearing. And the callbacks will make you smile and feel nostalgic.


The real life plot isn’t very interesting. The story is rushed after the first key is obtained. The love story is paced terribly. The real life characters aren’t as interesting as the ones are in the Oasis, somehow. (Like, how do you do that?) And the villain is super cheesy and just distracts from the overall plot.


Ready Player One is an escape from reality, when it doesn’t sneak in the real life story. There are so many fun and engaging moments that you’ll become super invested right away. But when the live action comes back around, it will always bring the movie to a halt. It’s sometimes jarring and you wish that you never left the Oasis yourself…. Maybe that was the point?… No. Can’t be.

Honestly, if you rewrote the live action portion of this film to make it fit with the game and creator’s back story better, you’d have a tremendous movie on your hands. Instead, you’ve got something that’s good for about 2/3.


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