Chris’ Quick Thoughts Movie Review: Love, Simon

Chris’ Quick Thoughts Movie Review

Love, Simon

Rating: 10/10 (Excellent)
Recommendation: Blu-Ray It

This film does ask a very important question. Why do gays have to be the ones to come out? I’ll let you think on that for a minute.


The acting is phenomenal. Nick Robinson nails it out of the park as Simon. The story has solid pacing. It’s set for about 2 hours but it feels longer and fleshed out extremely well. The characters are all great and get enough screen time to really justify who they are and what their purpose is. The editing is great. The camera work is superb. And the biggest level of success is? How well gays are represented.

This is longer than how I want to write these reviews but some exceptions need to be made. In my opinion, I think this portrays what a gay man, kid, teen, may go through pretty well. No. Not every situation will be like this but there are certain questions and elements that are brought up that will really help someone who’s not ready to tell anyone about their self yet. Maybe this film will inspire them to come out. Maybe it won’t. But this movie should open the door for a new wave of films with gay characters, leads, and so on.


The family portion could’ve been talked about more. It focused on the friends side a little too much and also the parents were almost more than accepting that their child was gay and that doesn’t portray many families well. And some of the plot lines will feel a little forced.


Honestly, I could maybe sit here and try to find a few more flaws with this movie but I don’t think that’s necessary. The message of this film is powerful and it’s executed extremely well. Sure, it has a few weak moments but the good way outweighs the bad and this movie should be seen everyone! Okay, maybe not everyone but a majority would be nice.

Side note: If I’m wrong on anything I brought up about how the film handles gays, please tell me. The more I can learn, the better I can inform myself and those around me.


Chris’ Quick Thoughts Movie Review: Tomb Raider

Chris’ Quick Thoughts Movie Review

Tomb Raider

Rating: 5/10 (Average)
Recommendation: Redbox It


The action is shot well. You can feel the impact of the scenes as they unfold. Alicia Vikander is a decent lead. She carries the film decently enough. The first 30 minutes set up Lara’s character really well. You get a good feel of who she is and what her life/skills are like.


Plot moves way to fast from the second act on. Lara’s character gets pushed to mainly one liners and stops developing. The action scenes are almost nothing but coincidences. The music feels misplaced or way too loud in certain areas for no reason what so ever. And the main villain starts off interesting but becomes stale fairly quickly.


If you’re looking for a movie to just toss popcorn back and turn your brain off, this is it. Lara is a badass and does some really cool stuff but the story isn’t much to speak of and the characters just stop being interesting after awhile.

Honestly, this film should’ve came out during the summer. It would’ve suited the movie better.

Chris’ Quick Thoughts Movie Review: A Wrinkle In Time

Chris’ Quick Thoughts Movie Review

A Wrinkle In Time

Rating: 4/10 (Sub Par)
Recommendation: Skip It


Storm Reid (Meg) is great here in this film. Hopefully she gets more roles. Some of the places visited are very intriguing and beautiful. And Deric McCabe (Charles Wallace) has a ton of fun on screen for his age.


The story jolts all over the place. Nothing is really explained. Actually, most of everything just seems rushed or a waste of time. Some of the acting is bad. Some of the CGI is bad. Movie feels longer than it should. And the three Miss’s are basically useless and sometimes unintentionally funny. Looking at you Oprah.


This film is forgettable. As I walked away from this movie, I had a hard time recalling what I just watched. Sure, Storm Reid is great and Deric McCabe is having a blast, but there’s not much else outside of that. There’s nothing that’s harmful or sends a “Bad message” but there’s not much of reason to ever revisit this film, let alone watch it in the first place.

Chris’Quick Thoughts Movie Review: Annihilation

Chris’ Quick Thoughts Movie Review


Rating: 9/10 (Great)
Recommendation: Pay The 8

A film I had no idea what it was going to be about and came out surprised with the results.


Natalie Portman is very good in this movie. Honestly, all of the actors are. The plot is very well fleshed out. The characters are engaging. And the story keeps you interested.


There are some spots where the pacing is either too fast or to slow, but there aren’t very many. And the ending might not feel very satisfying to some.


This is a better paced Arrival (2016). While it might not be totally fair to compare these two films they seem to fit under the same idea. Humanity vs. Aliens in an non violent matter…for the most part. Where Arrival was very slow at times, Annihilation keeps the pace going where you won’t want to fall asleep by the end of the 1st act and it’s the more engaging movie of the two. Honestly, Annihilation is the surprise film of the year, so far.

Chris’ Quick Thoughts Movie Review: Red Sparrow

Chris’ Quick Thoughts Movie Review

Red Sparrow

Rating: 5/10 (Average)
Recommendation: Redbox It

I won’t lie, I wasn’t really looking forward to seeing this film. It sort of looked generic and, no surprise, it was…for the most part.


The pacing in this movie is pretty good. The plot is fleshed out better than anticipated. And the acting isn’t too bad from Jennifer Lawrence, like usual.


This film drags. It’s says 2 hours and 19 minutes but you’ll feel like you’ve been there for 4. There are a ton of plot twists in the third act and they come at you fast. And, finally, the payoff for all of what you watched just feels cheap.


If you’re looking for a movie that provides a good narrative but don’t mind sitting there for what feels like an eternity at times, then this will suit you just fine. It’s not groundbreaking by any means, but it’s a better version of what Atomic Blonde tried doing last year.

Viewer Discretion: There is a ton of nudity, violence, and dialouge that can make you feel a bit uncomfortable at times. That’s just my warning though.

Chris’ Quick Thoughts Movie Review: Game Night

Chris’ Quick Thoughts Movie Review

Game Night

Rating: 6/10 (Fine)
Recommendation: Redbox It

Real quick, I think I’m going to try something new this year. I’m going to shorten up my reviews to a couple of paragraphs. Main reason? Eh. I need change and long reviews are sort of dying out. With that being said, here’s a quick rundown of Game Night.


The characters are really likable. Jason Bateman (A very underrated actor) and Rachel McAdams (Another underrated actor) have fantastic chemistry. You get very involved with their lives and start to really care about them as time goes on. And the action scenes are actually great.


Plot gets very muddled. Story is predicable. The comedy can be very hit and miss. Also jokes run on too long. And the film starts to follow cliches about halfway through.


This is a movie that will entertain you but it most likely won’t stick with you for years to come.

Chris’ Top 10 Worst Movies Of 2017

Chris’ Top 10 Worst Movies Of 2017

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Even if a year is “Good,” there will always be a bad movie.

Now with that said, this list is all my opinion. What I think is “Bad,” doesn’t mean that you think it is. You may love it and I may have seen it in a totally different light than you. 

I also want to state there probably won’t be a bunch of the “Conventional” picks on here. I did not see the Emoji Movie. I mean, I could put that on here just by reputation alone but if I didn’t see it, it doesn’t count.

Now, are you ready? Because I think some of these will surprise you. Let’s begin.

10. Kong: Skull Island

Score: 3/10 (Skip It)

RT: 79%

When this film came out, I was excited. The previews made it look fun but the movie failed on so many levels. 

The action was eh. The characters were boring. The story was just there to fill up time. It was just a worthless film through and through.

At least John C. Reilly was good in it. He was essentially the only redeeming part after all.

9. Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets

Score: 4/10 (Redbox It)

RT: 53%

This film succeeds at being a visual spectacle and nothing else. The plot is interesting for a bit and then that becomes confusing and uninteresting after about 10 minutes.

One of the redeeming factors is that the main two characters are enjoyable for the first 5-10 minutes…. That’s about it. They also just drop off after awhile and become extremely stale.

The movie is pretty to look at. If you turn off the volume and just watch the film for it’s visuals, you’ll be fine. Other than that, there’s not much else there.

8. Atomic Blonde

Score: 4/10 (Skip It)

RT: 76%

For an action movie, this film is slow. Scenes just drag on and on. And then there’s the plot…. Oh man is it confusing.

Look, if I really payed attention to the movie, I’m sure I could’ve followed the story better but I just started zoning out after awhile. There’s just nothing here that’s really worth watching and even when’s there’s a good action scene, it’s followed up by another long talking sequence. *Sighs*

It’s really more boring than anything else. Maybe you’ll find some enjoyment from it but I surely didn’t.

7. Life

Score: 3/10 (Skip It)

RT: 66%

Did you forget about this movie? Because I did.

This film is just another boring movie. On top of that, the characters are just pointless. They’re there to die and nothing else. 

They don’t develop the crew well. The creature just becomes a knockoff alien from other Horror Space films. And the ending just makes you think there might be a sequel, even though I’m not sure if anyone would want one. It’s just bland and another forgettable movie.

6. The Mummy

Score: 4/10 (Skip It)

RT: 17%

I was more generous to this film than most critics. But that’s not saying much.

Look, it’s another confusing movie to follow. The characters are just there. And this film is supposed to setup the “Dark Universe” and it didn’t succeed at all.

I’ll give it this, Tom Cruise tried. That’s about it.

5. Ghost In The Shell

Score: 3/10 (Redbox It)

RT: 42%

I can’t tell you how badly I wanted this film to be good. Anime in America is slowly growing more popular and gaining more respect, and then this piece of shit movie comes out and sets back the anime industry another few years.

Okay, that might be exaggerating but this film didn’t help.

The movie is just all over the place. Characters just do things. Scarlett does something. The film tries bringing up provocative questions but it doesn’t have enough time to answer those like the anime does. It’s just another botched live action adaptation of an anime.

I’ll say this, I know it’s going to sound shallow, but Scarlett Johansen looks good throughout the movie. So there’s that.

4. Geostorm

Score: 3/10 (Skip It)

RT: 12%

This film is so stupid that I’m pretty sure I lost brain cells watching this thing.

I thought this movie would be like The Day After Tomorrow. Something that’s not great but at least semi entertaining enough to enjoy. Yeah….

The problem is that it has way too much science mumble jumble going on for it to be interesting. The action is short lived and it’s not that entertaining either.

If it has one thing going for it, it’s that Gerard Butler seems to be having fun. That’s about it.

3. The Circle

Score: 2/10 (Skip It)

RT: 16%

You’d think Tom Hanks and Emma Watson could make this movie interesting. But nope.

A lot of the issues with the films in this Top 10 list come down to the plot being boring/forgettable. Honestly, I forgot this movie existed until I saw someone mention it the other day. I mean, that’s sad.

There are no redeeming factors here. Tom Hanks tries a little and Emma Watson seems to put some effort forth than him but that’s about it. Everything else is long, drawn out, and uninteresting. Just don’t waste your time with this one.

2. Alien: Covenant

Score: 4/10 (Redbox It)

RT: 71%

This film is painful to watch. 

This was supposed to be a sequel to Prometheus but they brought back only one of the characters from that. (Which, I mean, they could only bring back two but they didn’t bring back the one that mattered.) Also here are too many characters and the plot tries to be something more than what it is.

Micheal Fassbender is fun throughout this movie but everything else is just wasted potential. There was no point to this film, except for one thing, and that never needed to be explained. 

Just fuck this movie.

1. Beauty And The Beast

Score: 4/10 (Redbox It)

RT: 70%

I started to hate this film more and more over time.

This was so unnecessary. The singing isn’t very good. The CGI is bleh looking. And the acting is so so. I mean, how do you take an Oscar nominated film from 1991 and fuck it up? How?

Emma Watson is the lead here and the biggest question is why? She’s not a good singer. She’s not that good of an actor. And she’s British, in a French setting. What were they thinking? 

Okay the French setting isn’t really an issue but still this film just misses on every mark it tried to set. There really wasn’t anything original done too it either. It’s not like they set out and tried to recreate the movie. They just copied scenes and music from the animated feature. So what was the point of making a live action film then? Oh right, money.

There are some decent live action movies. I mean, The Jungle Book was pretty solid. But Beauty And The Beast wasn’t. It didn’t even come close to living up to the original and it’s a shame that kids are going to grow up with this version instead of the much superior one from ’91. Just sickening.

And that’s my list. If you disagree or think I left another off, let me know in the comments below. I’ll be sure to tell you my thoughts about that particular movie, if I’ve seen it and why it didn’t make the cut.

Other than that, there might be one more small list here coming out soon. If not, this will be the official wrap up of 2017.

As usual, thanks for reading!