Chris’ Quick Thoughts Movie Review: Life Of The Party

Chris’ Quick Thoughts Movie Review

Life Of The Party

Rating: 1/10 (Horrible)
Recommendation: Fuck It

Honestly, I thought I’d could at least enjoy some of this film…. I was completely wrong about that.


There are a few one off jokes that are okay. (But I think I laughed because I was desperate to find something that made my time being there worth it.)


There is no plot what so ever. The point of the movie is for Melissa McCarthy to go back to school but during it, she parties, has awesome grades, and becomes the lovable character around the campus. There are no challenges or consequences. She succeeds at everything with ease. The film essentially just happens. It’s like someone took a camera and followed around Melissa while she was attending school. That’s it.

Oh, sorry. There is the one aspect she fails at and that’s public speaking. But it doesn’t make sense because she has no issue talking to people in groups or at parties. Hell, she even dances in front of a whole party at one point. Maybe you could argue that she’s drunk? But it doesn’t add up for the rest of stuff she does in front of people without freaking out. So in other words, there are no consequences.

Melissa’s character is just annoying. It’s not that Melissa plays it wrong necessarily, it’s that the character is annoying to be annoying. It’s played for “Laughs” but there are none to be found. She’s not hateable but she’s not likable either. Her character is just the “Goofy Mom who bakes, makes friends, comforts her sorority sisters, and embarrasses her daughter once in awhile.” That’s it. That’s all she is and they made a whole movie around that. How?!!!

The whole script is improv. If there was a written screenplay then they didn’t use it. Almost everyone just goes off on a tangent to make scenes longer than what they need to be and be it becomes painful fast. You’ll actually cringe at how bad the “Jokes” are. You’ll be beyond antsy as you’re trying to make it through these “Jokes.” And “Jokes” is in parenthesis because they don’t really qualify as comedy (Besides the few one off ones).


This film is painful. Last week, I saw Overboard and said “It’s not great, or good, or average, but there is some charm to the characters and cast and the plot is so stupid that you can enjoy the absurdity of it.” (It wasn’t those exact words but you get the point.) Here? There isn’t anything to get behind.

There is no story. There is no comedy. There is no charm. There is no direction. There is no likability of the characters. This movie just exists. It exists and it’s a waste of time and money.

If you’re a huge, and I mean huge, Melissa McCarthy fan, then check it out. Otherwise, this is the worst movie I’ve seen this year.


Chris’ Quick Thoughts Movie Review: Bad Samaritan

Chris’ Quick Thoughts Movie Review

Bad Samaritan

Rating: 5/10 (Average)
Recommendation: Redbox It


Robert Sheehan sells his role. As the main lead, he’s able to provide a decent range of emotions and is able to keep you interested throughout. David Tennant is definitely having fun. He plays the villain here and you can tell he’s having blast on screen. The suspense can be hit and miss but when it’s a hit, it does suck you into the experience. And the ending scene between David and Robert is pretty solid.


David’s performance can be shaky at times. While he’s having fun he does pull you out of the film’s experience with his over the top acting. The movie also asks you to set aside your critical thinking from time to time. There are moments that ask a little too much of you to believe in and you just have to go with it because “Hollywood.” And plot can feel a bit scattered. The movie tells a cohesive story but there are loose ends that aren’t tied up by the end and things sort of just get left by the waste side.


If you’re looking an average/fine Cat and Mouse movie, this will suffice. The plot is a bit generic and you can figure out everything that’s going to happen but there are some fun moments watching Robert and David go at each other and that might be worth at least a rental in the future.

Chris’ Quick Thoughts Movie Review: Overboard

Chris’ Quick Thoughts Movie Review


Rating: 4/10 (Sub Par)
Recommendation: Skip It

It’s the opening weekend in May and we’re not off to a good start…. The next film I see today may change that outcome though. Hopefully.


Anna Faris and Eugenio Derbez are really trying to carry this movie. They might over act at times but the plot is pretty absurd to begin with so you can give it a pass.

There are moments where you can sympathize a bit with the characters. Sure, the moments are cliche and cheesy but you can enjoy some of what they’re going through and their reactions.

Lastly, this film did one thing most movies don’t and that’s sticking to a language. Let me explain.

In most films, a character may speak a different language with their comrades, for a tiny bit, and then they eventually switch over to English for the remainder of the movie, because it’s easier or something. But Overboard, of all the possible films out there, keeps the Spanish going throughout the movie. It’s honestly really respectable and it should be done in more films.


The story is so bad. This plot is loosely held together by a string and the main two actors. Hell, at one point, the writers must have just given up because Eugenio has amnesia and poof! It’s magically gone because we need to move the story along somehow. It’s a terrible, awkward, transition that just makes you cringe.

The comedy is lackluster. Yes, I’ve said that comedy is subjective but there just isn’t many lines of dialouge to laugh at here. Sure, you’ll chuckle at a few moments but there’s not enough to make you comeback a second time, let alone a first.

The pacing is bad. The movie really doesn’t know how much time it wants to spend on each scene. It either stays too long or isn’t there long enough. And because of that, you’re constantly fading in and out with the film wishing it was just over.


If you saw the trailer, you saw the movie. The preview basically shows everything and you can piece the film from there. Hell, you can probably write a better script in your head. There are a few redeeming qualities to keep it from being “Bad” but it doesn’t stray far from that line.

The only way this movie can be recommended is if you really love Anna Faris. Otherwise, you’re better off saving your money.

Cayle’s Anime Review: Kids on the Slope


In 1966 Japan, Kaoru had moved to a new town because of his father’s new job. Due to his intelligence, he has a hard time making friends at his new high school. However, he manages to bond with Sentarou, the local tough guy, and Ritsuko, the class president, over jazz music.


Shinichirō Watanabe, the director of Kids on the Slope, had previously incorporated musical elements into his earlier work such as Cowboy Bebop (i.e. western music/blues) and Samurai Champloo (i.e. hip-hop). This time around, not only did he manage to incorporate jazz music into its soundtrack but also into the animation of the show. The most memorable moment in this anime are the scenes that revolve around Sentarou’s love for jazz. Those scenes have some of the most fluid animation I have ever seen in an anime. As for the soundtrack, the jazz score is provided by Yoko Kanno, who had previously collaborated with Watanabe on Cowboy Bebop.

Normally, I am not a huge fan of slice-of-life anime, mainly because their plots tend to meander. Although Kids on the Slope doesn’t have a conventional plot per se, it more than makes up for it with its character development. The main three characters of the anime are very likable and felt like real teenagers instead of being caricatures. The audience gets to see the friendship between the main characters grow throughout the duration of the series. Like how My Neighbor Totoro revolved around childhood, Kids on the Slope is an anime that revolves around adolescence.


My only gripe with this series is the forced love triangle between the three characters. Did the audience really need an unwanted subplot to create conflict? To reiterate a point, the jazz scenes are easily the best in the entire series. I wished the plot revolved around these scenes instead.


Kids on the Slope is a solid coming-of-age story from a legendary anime director.

SCORE: 8/10

Chris’ Quick Thoughts Movie Review: Avengers: Infinity War

Chris’ Quick Thoughts Movie Review

Rating: 9/10 (Great)
Recommendation: Blu-Ray It

Avengers: Infinity War


The action is well done, as per usual in Marvel films, but they could’ve screwed this up. We’ve seen our fair share of busts over the years. *Cough* DC *Cough*

Most of the characters are represented well. For a film with so many characters to cover, they really did a great job organizing and making sure everyone that had a significant part, got their due on screen.

The story is fleshed out well for how much is going on. This kind of goes along with the characters portion but there was a well told plot here. And with the amount of time and characters, it could’ve either dragged or been told way too fast to keep up but they found a nice pace and stuck too it.

It’s engaging from beginning to end. The movie just grabs ahold of your attention and never lets go. Sure, there might be a moment or two where the film drags just slightly but you never feel like you need to pick your phone and check the time.

Thanos is an amazing villain. For, what feels like the very first time, the villain is actually good. His motives are controversial. His actions are powerful and menacing. And he gets the job done. He is the villain where you say to yourself “Holy shit. Not only am I going to remember him, I actually can see his side of the story.”

This movie exhausting but in a good way. By the end of film, you’re going to be tired because of how invested you are with the action, characters, and plot. Also, more than likely, you’re not gonna want to do anything else but think or talk about the movie because there was so much that went on. It’s finally an Avenger film that’s really worth it’s amount of praise from beginning to end.

And finally, there are moments you just want to stand up and cheer. I can think of one specific moment where I wanted to just clap because of how exciting it was. And there many scenes throughout where you may feel that way.


A lot goes on. Even though everything is pretty well paced, you might need to watch this film a second time just to gather up your thoughts on it as a whole or watch it because you might have missed something entirely. Is it really a negative? Eh, not really, but it might be if you had a hard time following along in certain moments.

Thanos’ motives aren’t the most clear. There is one thing that bothered me about Thanos by the end but it might not have been a big deal. I’ll end up discussing it with my friends though because I don’t want to drop any spoilers here.

Some of the dialouge is shaky on the heroes side of things. When Thanos presents his ideas on how humanity should live out their lives, none of the heroes really comeback with a good argument as to why he’s wrong? Sure, I could’ve missed some of what they said but from what I can recall, they never really debated Thanos. They sort of just fight because “Evil.” It’s not the biggest issue but it’s noticable.

And finally, there are a few fights that are just weak. Without spoilers, there are a few scenes where the heroes will be battling the villains and you’ll be expecting more from the heroes but they don’t produce. It’s a little sad and irritating at the same time.


Avengers: Infinity War is the best Avengers by far…and possibly one of the best Marvel movies to date. This is one of those films that could lose its luster upon second viewing but that feeling you get from the first time you watched should hopefully never go away.

It’s fun, exciting, well told, well developed, and extremely engaging from start to finish. This is everything you could’ve hoped for from an Avengers movie like this.

Chris’ Quick Thoughts Movie Review: Isle Of Dogs

Chris’ Quick Thoughts Movie Review

Isle Of Dogs

Rating: 6/10 (Fine)
Recommendation: Redbox It


The film is very unique in style. Wes Anderson always has a quirky feeling to go along with his movies and he’s always able to take that awkward like quality and make the film flow with ease. And this movie is no different.

The stop motion that’s used throughout this film really compliments Wes Anderson’s take on movies. A scene that would feel out of place in other films, feels right at home in this movie. Wes is able to create an atmosphere that’s jarring but also really comfortable at the same time.

While that all might seem like mumble jumble, it really does describe Wes Anderson’s films. They are always a bit awkward and seem out of place but when you sit down to watch his movie, you feel right at home. It’s strange but it works.


The narrative is a bit all over the place. The story jumps around a lot. You don’t really become attached to any of the characters. And the comedy, that usually comes with an Anderson film, is missing here.


This is not Wes Anderson’s best movie. It struggles with pace and it can be hard to follow at times. But it’s style and creativity is what keeps this film interesting.

If you’re a big Wes Anderson fan, you’ll more than likely enjoy this. If not? Then this movie will more than likely not change your opinion of him.